I have always enjoyed getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of what nature presents. Although memories are wonderful and are the cheapest way of recording what you see; the allure of having a more permanent image to enjoy again at home is very strong. A photographic image is one way of achieving this. There is a problem, however, in that the human eye can accommodate a far greater range of light and the brain's interpretation of that light will create subtlely different memories and images depending upon the individual viewing what is in front of them. Photography is also an art form in that the creative use of the shutter speed, the lens aperture and indeed, the point of the lens' maximal focus, will enable the photographic artist to create very different images. Although it is not really the camera that matters, rather the eye that see’s the image, there is a very tactile enjoyment in using a visual tool that is well made and a pleasure to use.

Over the years that I have been making photographs, there have been a number of camera’s and photographic equipment that have passed through my hands. Initially this was using film and more recently with digital capture. 

The images that I make are a response to the scene in front of me. One doesn’t “take” an image, but “make” it and create a lasting image that represents the memory or emotional response one had when first presented with that individual scene.

I hope that by sharing these images, you may enjoy and perhaps re-live that emotional response to the scene that I originally interpreted and recorded.